Outside Plant Must Evolve to Meet Bandwidth Growth


According to recent figures, the top cable companies continue to outpace their telco competitors in broadband subscriber additions. Investments in new technology to increase bandwidth services delivery capacity and efficiency help explain this trend, with current CCAP and future DOCSIS 3.1 rollouts most often highlighted. However, the foundation for broadband and next-generation video services delivery – the outside plant – also must evolve to ensure these rollouts prove successful.

Most of the innovation in hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) infrastructure lately has come on the fiber end, amplified by the increase in use of fiber to the premises (FTTP). However, even tried-and-true coax plant soon will be stretched in ways not seen previously.

In this Special Report you’ll learn:

  • What advances have made fiber easier to deploy?
  • How technology has reduced deployment costs.
  • The new challenges DOCSIS 3.1 will pose to cable technicians.
  • How these challenges likely will be surmounted.
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