Infinera Edge Solutions Drive Carrier Ethernet Commercial Service Revenue with Faster Time to Market


Carrier Ethernet continues to drive new commercial service revenue growth for cable operators at double digit growth, and US cable commercial service revenue is on track to exceed $12B this year. Are you taking full advantage of the revenue opportunities Carrier Ethernet 2.0 offers?  Does your network support the full range of services businesses require? Has the demand for more bandwidth from schools and your local municipalities strained your infrastructure? Are you prepared to add key applications from Cloud Services to Mobile Backhaul?

Infinera's metro optical transport solutions deliver every application from metro core to edge aggregation to CPE, including Ethernet aggregation and switching for increased efficiency, Carrier Ethernet 2.0 for expanded commercial services offerings, and Cell Tower Backhaul / Fronthaul for enhanced revenue growth. Infinera end-end solutions deliver enhanced flexibility and scalability while significantly reducing your power and space requirements, thus lowering both your CapEx and OpEx costs.

To learn more about how Infinera end-end optical transport solutions can enhance your revenue growth by delivering Carrier Ethernet and Cell Tower Backhaul / Fronthaul services, please fill out the short registration form to the right.

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