Cloud Based DVR - Business Brief


TV has changed dramatically. No more are we tied to the living room and a network schedule to enjoy a favorite program. Televsion comes with us, wherever we go. It’s at our disposal, any time, anywhere. This new normal has been driven by an ever advancing technological march towards truly ubiquitous television. Video on Demand started the trend by offering select shows when we wanted to see them. Then they were offered “over the top” on any IP device. Now subscribers are expecting that level of flexibilty in the shows they choose – their recorded content. Service providers need to respond to this wave of next generation tv services and this has put our DVRs in the crosshairs.  This business brief wlll cover trends in the market place driving the desire to move TV services to the cloud, clarify the benefits to both subscriber and provider of Cloud DVR services, and cover some of the challenges of deploying a cloud DVR solution.

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