Dynamic Ad Insertion Extends Monetization Opportunities


Video on demand (VoD) has become a consistent moneymaker for video content providers. However, until recently VoD hasn't further developed its revenue-generating potential because time-shifted viewing often proved incompatible with traditional advertising campaigns.

Enter dynamic ad insertion. The ability to adapt ad presentation to time-shifted realities has opened new monetization opportunities for both broadcasters and MVPDs. The advent of dynamic ad insertion capabilities comes just in time for operators to take advantage of the opportunities emerging service offerings such as over-the-top (OTT) and multiscreen provide – as long as operators can overcome certain obstacles.

Broadband Technology Report's July Special Report, "Dynamic Ad Insertion Extends Monetization Opportunities," describes why dynamic ad insertion has become so important and how it can increase revenues from video on demand, OTT, and multiscreen initiatives.

By reading this report, you'll learn:

  1. How dynamic ad insertion can be applied to a variety of services
  2. What challenges stand in the way of widespread deployment
  3. How to develop a strategy to overcome these challenges.
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