OTT and Cable: A Delicate Balance


Over-the-top (OTT) distribution models gradually will transform the video business. Indeed, it can be argued that OTT is the biggest sea change since the introduction of the VCR decades ago.

The cable industry is in the middle of it all. Operators can go one of two ways on OTT: They can fight what ultimately will be a losing battle or co-opt OTT and make it theirs. The indications are that they are taking the prudent approach and jumping in.

There are far more questions than answers, however. Broadband Technology Report’s May Special Report will look at this fascinating topic. You’ll learn:

  • The advertising issues that may prove gating functions to the success of OTT
  • Whether some MSOs actually are considering becoming pure ISPs in reaction to OTT
  • How the ecosystem may band together to ensure QoS and QoE of OTT content
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