The Quick Evolution of QoS and QoE, Part 2


The second part of Broadband Technology Report’s Special Report on Quality of Service and Quality of Experience takes up where the first part left off. The bottom line is simple: Operators that ignore or mismanage these important topics are flirting with disaster.

There are many approaches to the issues. The most important thing is that operators continually think of QoS and QoE – both the nuts and bolts and the higher level issues surrounding keeping subscribers satisfied. In addition to vendor insight, Part 2 of the report features a podcast conversation between BTR Senior Editor Carl Weinschenk and Guy McCormick, Cox Communications’ Senior Vice President of Engineering.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in Part 2 of the Special Report:

  • Why QoS alone simply isn’t enough
  • The differences between the Netflix ISP Speed Index and the Google Video Quality Report
  • The challenges of supporting OTT
  • The importance of Fair Split and Fair Factor approaches
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