The Quick Evolution of QoS and QoE, Part I

The Quick Evolution of QoS and QoE, Part I

For cable operators, nothing is more important – or more challenging – than maintaining Quality of Service and Quality of Experience. These metrics, after all, speak directly to what subscribers are seeing and hearing. They are different: QoS measures metrics such as jitter and latency, while QoE is a broader attempt to figure out what the subscriber actually is experiencing.

The emphasis gradually is shifting from QoS to QoE. Part I of Broadband Technology Report’s October Special Report offers vendor insight into the most important QoS and QoE issues. In addition, Ranga Muvavarirwa, Time Warner Cable’s Vice President of Product Development for IP Video, discusses key issues facing the MSO – and, by extension, the industry – in a podcast with BTR Senior Editor Carl Weinschenk.

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