CCAP and Its Next Phase – a Google Hangout from BTR

When the cable industry first conceived the Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP), the market drivers were the persistent increase in demand for narrowcast services, particularly high speed data (HSD) services and  video on demand (VOD).

In its initial phases, the deployment of CCAP platforms has primarily been driven by a more acute need – to provide a highly-dense and reliable CMTS platform to meet the fast growing demand for DOCSIS channels that serve HSD, voice and streaming video.

Now that many operators have moved beyond the early adoption phase of their CCAP platforms, they are preparing the next phase; to converge additional services onto this highly reliable dense platform. This discussion will cover the real world benefits that are being witnessed by operators that have converged their legacy VOD EQAM platform onto their E6000 and address some the objections an operator may have for not converging despite having a CCAP capable device deployed. 

In this 30-minute Google Hangout, BTR Group Publisher Tim Hermes will visit with Comcast’s Ty Pearman, Time Warner’s Kat Reeves, and ARRIS’ Tal Laufer for a candid, unscripted discussion. Some discussion points will include:

  • Space savings
  • Power efficiency
  • Operational simplification
  • Common objections against convergence?

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