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2013 DTR Video Showcase – Casa Systems C100G

October 15, 2013

The Diamonds judges raved about the 4.5 Diamond Casa Systems’ C100G with one proclaiming it to be "the best CCAP in the market ... simply superb." "It's the on...

2013 DTR Video Showcase – Effigis CPAT Flex Digital Leakage Monitoring System

October 15, 2013

One Diamond judge declared the 4.5 Diamond Effigis Geo Solutions CPAT Flex Digital Leakage Monitoring System as "an innovative solution designed to support the...

2013 DTR Video Showcase – Envivio Halo Experience Server

October 15, 2013

The 4.5 Diamond Envivo Halo Experience Server is aptly named, one Diamonds judge said, as it creates the means to enhance content viewing and access for custom...

2013 DTR Video Showcase – IneoQuest IQDialog ASM

October 15, 2013

IneoQuest’s 4.5 Diamond IQDialog ASM is "Just an outstanding product. IneoQuest provides a unique product as part of an excellent family of video monitoring pr...

2013 DTR Video Showcase – Tektronix WFM5250

October 15, 2013

Tektronix designed its newest waveform monitor, the 4.5 Diamond WFM5250, with the challenges of delivering video anywhere, any time, in mind. It can monitor bo...

2013 DTR Video Showcase – ARRIS E6000

October 15, 2013

ARRIS€™ 4 Diamond E6000 €œstands apart with its intergraded RF sparing, simple installation and troubleshooting from reduced cabling and ports." said one Diamond...

2013 DTR Video Showcase – Ciena 5160 Service Aggregation Switch

October 15, 2013

The Diamonds judges called the 5160 Service Aggregation Switch's 10G 24-port unit impressive, especially since it comes in a 1RU chassis. Also praised was the ...

2013 DTR Video Showcase – GENBAND SPiDR WebRTC Gateway

October 15, 2013

GENBAND'€™s 4 Diamond SPiDR WebRTC Gateway provides an intelligent bridge between VoIP networks and the open ecosystem of the Internet. Sitting at the edge of th...

2013 DTR Video Showcase – IneoQuest cPAR

October 15, 2013

cPAR stands for Consolidated Performance Analytics and Reporting (cPAR), which accurately describes IneoQuest's scalable 4 Diamond platform. It collects perfor...

2013 DTR Video Showcase – Tektronix Sentry ABR

October 15, 2013

The newest Tektronix video content monitor, the 4 Diamond Sentry ABR, is a monitoring solution for post-fragmented adaptive bitrate streams. It supports both 1...


Guarding against leakage impacting LTE

June 17, 2014

This video is part of our guarding against leakage impacting LTE best practices report. Download the eBook here.

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Three Questions with Time Warner Cable’s Matt Haines

June 11, 2014

Time Warner Cable's vice president for cloud engineering and operations, Matt Haines, chats with BTR's Ron Hendrickson about cloud technology: what it is and isn't, network functions virtualization, SDN, and some of TWC's cloud initiatives.

TVC Delivers Precision Test Equipment and Quality Tools from Greenlee Communications

June 6, 2014

Accuracy, reliability, quality. That’s why Greenlee tools and test equipment are considered “industry-standards.” Simple – Greenlee offers superior accuracy with their testers and quality in their tools – best of all, Greenlee’s full line of products are available from TVC Communications.

Three Questions with Comcast Business' Mike Tighe

Three Questions with Comcast Business' Mike Tighe

May 28, 2014

Comcast Business' executive director of data services, Michael Tighe, chats with BTR's Ron Hendrickson about Ethernet as a growth engine, serving unconventional business customers, and the future role of Ethernet in the cable industry.

Three Questions with Cox's Kevin Hart

May 14, 2014

Cox Communications' executive vice president and CTO, Kevin Hart, chats with BTR’s Ron Hendrickson about smart home, business services and cloud technologies.

BTR Blogs

Mark Johnson, Alticast

Guest Blog: RDK Application Framework Considerations

06/18/2014 Cable operator enthusiasm for the Reference Design Kit (RDK) is growing dramatically -  and rightly so -  as major operators in North America ...
Tim Hermes, BTR Founder and Publisher

I'm a Believer

06/11/2014 I guess it was 3D that made me sketchy. 3D's quiet fade-to-black was not really covered heavily by us media types. Maybe it will be back. But ...
Carl Weinschenk

Two Things You Can Get in Kansas City: Super Steaks and Super Broadband

05/28/2014 Google is picking its spots: It is highly unlikely that the company really wants to go into the broadband business across the country. It is far ...

White Papers & Special Reports

HEVC: New Tools, New Challenges

June 26, 2014 High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is the next step in video compression. Cable operators will use it in two ways: To mak...

Managing the challenges of UHF leakage and interference to LTE

June 19, 2014 For decades cable operators have managed signal leakage by monitoring in or near the 108-137 MHz VHF aeronautical band. A ...

Traveling Money: Upgrade Field Force and Fleet Management

May 30, 2014 It is technically possible to separate field force and fleet management: One focuses on how techs do their jobs and the ot...


Guest Blog: RDK Application Framework Considerations

By Mark Johnson, Alticast

Cable operator enthusiasm for the Reference Design Kit (RDK) is growing dramatically - and rightly so - as major operators in North America and Europe are in various stages of deploying RDK-based set-top boxes. The advantages of RDK are numerous...


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Leakage, Ingress and Interference in Digital Cable Networks

March 13, 2014

Join us for BTR’s fourth Google Hangout – this time on UHF leakage and LTE interference – with Nick Segura (Charter) and Ron Hranac (Cisco).
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