CCAP: Managing the Meta-Picture - A BTR Roundtable Breakfast - Sponsored by ARRIS


CCAP: Managing the Meta-Picture

A BTR Roundtable Breakfast

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 8:00-9:15am

Google MapsTo be held during The Cable Show at

Embassy Suites Convention Center, Washington DC 

CCAP promises to make cable operators’ lives easier in a number of ways. By combining edge QAM and CMTS functionality in one system, CCAP lowers capex and opex and eases the operational burden on MSOs.

But full CCAP implementation is a long-term goal, not an immediate reality. Join leading experts in the world of CCAP – including Comcast’s Jorge Salinger, Comcast's VP Network Architecture – as they describe the road to CCAP at an important Cable Show breakfast presentation.


"CCAP: Managing the Meta-Picture" will take on vital topics, including:

• Enabling CCAP To Coexist With Legacy Systems

• Operational Aspects of Deployment

• Winning “Buy-In” From Decision Makers

• The Range of Approaches and Where Each Makes Sense

• A Look at Trials and Deployments.

The presentation, sponsored by Broadband Technology Report, will be held at the Embassy Suites on June 11. The Embassy Suites is only two blocks from the Washington DC Convention Center.

"We are thrilled to be hosting such an elite event," said BTR Founder & Publisher Tim Hermes. "The level of expertise and true thought leadership of this panel is unparalleled."

CCAP, like life itself, is a journey. Drop by to make sure that your MSO is moving in the right direction.

5 Reasons to Attend:

  • Find out how quickly—or slowly—CCAP is being deployed across the industry.

  • Explore how to run full CCAP and hybrid systems in parallel.

  • Get tips on “getting to yes” with C-level executives on smart CCAP deployments.

  • Explore situations in which CCAP makes sense – and, just as importantly -- where it doesn’t.

  • Fill in variables concerning CCAP OPEX, CAPEX and ROI.

Who Should Attend:

  • Technology/Architect Planners

    Planners will get good ideas on what the rollout of CCAP will be like in terms of timing.

  • Operational people:

    What will be expected during each phase of the CCAP rollout.

  • Financial personnel:

    What is the term of ROI? What will CAPEX look like? What about operational expense?

Your panelists:

Host: Carl Weinschenk - Senior Editor – Broadband Technology Report

Program Leader: Jorge Salinger, VP Network Architecture, Comcast

Panelist: Jeff Finkelstein, Executive Director of Network Architecture, Cox Communications

Panelist: Mike Kelsen, Senior Director of Network Architecture, Time Warner Cable

Panelist: Dr. Tom Cloonan, Chief Technology Officer- Network Solutions, ARRIS Group, Inc.

Attendance is FREE, but you must reserve a spot. To add your name to the guest list contact Joni Montemagno at

Presentations Overview:

A Look at Trials and Deployments

Jorge Salinger, VP Network Architecture at Comcast will the review the various approaches for deployment of CCAP and how these evolve over time. His presentation will also describe the issues that need to be tacked to prepare for deployments and include an in-depth review of the types of trials and how they are being conducted.

Enabling CCAP To Coexist With Legacy Systems

Mike Kelsen, Senior Director of Network Architecture at Time Warner Cable  will answer questions such as:

  • Are all networks and services candidates for CCAP immediately, or should there be a migration sequence?

  • How will CCAP coexist with analog video, pilots, maintenance equipment, etc.?

Mike will also provide examples for how CCAP devices would be deployed in the various possible headend types and service combination.

Operational Aspects of Deployment and Winning “Buy-In” From Decision Makers

Jeff Finkelstein, Executive Director of Network Architecture at Cox Communications will address the following questions:

  • Will every organization embrace the swap-out of current equipment for CCAP platforms, and will those organizations need to adapt?

  • Are there internal MSO groups that will be more motivated to deploy CCAP, or more likely to want to postpone CCAP deployments?

  • What operational aspects will need to be adapted and how for CCAP deployment?

The Range of Approaches and Where Each Makes Sense

Dr. Tom Cloonan, Chief Technology Officer- Network Solutions at ARRIS Group, Inc. will describe the various types of MSO networks and how CCAP applies to each one. He'll also discuss the following hot questions:

  • From a vendor perspective, is it better to focus on one type of service first or on one type of headend first?

  • How do optical interfaces work in a CCAP platform and how would these evolve over time?


Speakers Include:

Jorge Salinger

VP Network Architecture



Mr. Salinger is responsible for Comcast Cable’s high-speed data, voice, and video access network strategy and architecture. Prior to joining Comcast, he was president of the consulting division at YAS Broadband and served as executive consultant for CableLabs. Jorge served as VP of engineering for high-speed access at Adelphia Communications, director of telecommunications for FSU, and VP of engineering for Systems Engineering Consultants. He has authored more than 25 technical publications and presentations and has co-authored a book on advanced micro-processor design.


Jeff Finkelstein

Executive Director of Network Architecture

Cox Communications


Jeff Finkelstein is the Executive Director of Network Architecture at Cox Communications in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been part of the engineering and architecture groups at Cox since 2002, and was part of the team responsible for the deployment of DOCSIS technologies, from DOCSIS 1.1 to DOCSIS 3.0. Jeff has made significant contributions to the access network design and deployments at Cox, and has the new role of being responsible for future technology planning of backbone, metro, edge, access, and home networks.

Included in his achievements is being part of the CableLabs team contributing to the DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0 PHY spec, CableLabs Pro-active Network Management work, CCAP and EPOC hardware, software and management specifications. Jeff has been published worldwide on topics including DOCSIS, PHY and MAC technologies, remote PHY, CCAP, IPDR, IP video deployment over DOCSIS, Telepresence, and drivers for future bandwidth consumption.

Jeff holds degrees in Education and began his career working on UNIX kernel development focusing on scheduling and virtual memory. In 1996 he began working in the cable industry deploying pre-DOCSIS data services and began working with DOCSIS in 1999.

Jeff has over 22 patents issued or pending.

Mike Kelsen

Senior Director of Network Architecture

Time Warner Cable


Michael Kelsen joined Time Warner Cable in 1999 where he leads the team responsible for network architecture and design. Prior to joining TWC, Michael worked for Continental Cablevision in Jacksonville, FL and was part of the team that launched the first one-way high speed cable modem service. In 1988, he worked as an AI Expert Systems Engineer developing training software for military simulators at GE Aerospace.

Michael received a BS degree in Computer Science in 1986 and an MBA in 1989 from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and still maintains his Cisco network certification (CCIE #2989).

Dr. Tom Cloonan

Chief Technology Officer- Network Solutions

ARRIS Group, Inc.


Dr. Cloonan is involved in the architecture and planning of next-generation CMTS/EQAM systems, as well as providing company-wide guidance for many different cross-business unit programs. He joined ARRIS in 2001, when the company acquired Cadant, where he was architect and chief technology officer. Prior to that, he held technical leadership positions at Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies. He holds more than 20 U.S. patents and has written more than 80 articles for technical publications and conferences. In 2009, Dr. Cloonan was named a Fellow in the IEEE.

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